Spal Harks
Spal Harks

Hi! Welcome to my Hal Sparks page, which, for no particular reason, is called "Spal Harks". Who is Hal? Well, he was the couch junkie on the cable television show Talk Soup, which airs on E! every night at 8pm Eastern. He now is currently occupied with various jobs with guest spots on TV shows and more! Anywho, this page is here just to add a tad more of wasted space on this vast internet world. So, hope you enjoy the page. Any comments can be left in the guestbook.

The 411 on HAL
Do you know the knows about Hal?
Halarific Pics
They're... of Hal.
Ear Candy
He is Hal, hear him roar. Meow.
Hal Dreams
Sweet dreams are made of... HAL.
The last but not least info.
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Many of the images from these pages are from Hal's Angels!

Last updated: 8/24/00
Created by: Julia -
julia_boolia on TS Backtalk / butterfly_brak on Yahoo! HS Fanclub.
Dear god, I updated! I know it took almost a year, but I got so caught up with school and various summer events that I had no time to deal with the site. I apologize to those who have e-mailed me and received nil response - is not my primary e-mail address (I care not to divulge my main one), and I did not have time to check it. *looks at counter* WOW! Thanks to everyone who has visited! You can't understand how much that means to me!

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