The 411 on HAL
The 411 on HAL

Yes, yes... there are over a dozen of "Hal bios" already on the net, but hey! Y'know... it makes me feel special to show that *I* actually know some stuff about that guy. Al or whatever his name was. WHat? I kid! I kid cause I love.

The 411 dish
Okay, some of this is true and some is make-believe. Try to guess which is which; it'll be a fun game!
Hal is 28. He is from Kentucky. He's a big fan of Brak (from Cartoon Planet) and KISS. He was almost kicked out of school 4 times. He can turn his eyelids inside out. He's 5' 8". He was named after a porn star.

Miscellaneous Truths
Other Filmography:
... Lance in Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town
... Rocker 2 in Signs and Wonders
... Father Chip in Nightstand
... a Skateboarder in Lois and Clark
... go to his page to find out MORE

What Hal likes in a girl:
This is what he said in Tea with Ted, which took place on July 22, 1999 at 6pm Eastern. Read the full transcript here.
"A sense of humor, good abs, small feet, brown eyes--don't trust girls with blue or green eyes! You just can't trust 'em. And I have a theory about women who dye their hair: She's probably trying to be something she's not." He also noted that he prefers brunettes over blondes.

Ohh, the unknowns!
I've been lucky enough to converse with Hal several times over e-mail. In one particular e-mail I conducted a mini questionaire for the purpose of this page (which he thanked me for making, by the way :). But since then, some of these have been answered publicly. Just in case you were wondering, this info can NOT be found anywhere else on the net, unless someone used them on their page. I have nothing entirely against that, just as long as you state somewhere that you got that info from here, or link to this site :).

Do you have any pets?: No
What's your sign?: Libra - With Libra rising and a Virgo Moon
What's your background?: 1/2 Cherokee - 1/2 everything else :0)
What do you like best about working on Talk Soup?: Getting Paid to be funny. I'd do it for free!
Chicken or beef?: I don't eat beef. Chicken is Okay - I'm a fish and tofu guy

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