Ear Candy
Ear Candy

One listen and your ears will turn to butta. Butta butta. Well, maybe not, but they're nice anywho.

>>Hal gets a voicemail from Brak of Cartoon Planet, and is very happy!
>>Hal visits a psychic in honor of National Psychic week.
>>Which Enigma is which?
>>It's Hal the cat! (it sounds eerily realistic)
>>It's laughable!
>>Hal announces the equation to creating the weekend editions.
>>"Woo hoo..yeah baby..okay..."
>>The lights go out and Hal is scared!
>>Hal breaks into song...
>>Hal does the groove thang

DOUGHNUT worry! I will try to add new sounds as frequently as I can! It's just that in order to record stuff I have to move our TV/VCR into our computer room (my room), then set up the microphone... yadda. So there's my pathetic excuse for being lazy :P

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